Actionable Insights Management (AIM) is the Sonora Quest Laboratories Population Health Analytics Platform where we use near real time data to assist our partners in identifying potential gaps in care, rising risk, populations trends and tracking patients facing chronic conditions. AIM is powered by a HIPAA secure Tableau cloud server.

Sonora Quest Laboratories is committed to providing actionable data that will assist our partners in their efforts to improve patient outcomes. The AIM is available to help you reach your population health management goals by providing relevant and robust near-real time analysis of laboratory data. Customized reports for specific populations and/or disease markers can be created through collaboration with our Population Health resources.

Executive Dashboards:

  • Results-driven query allows you to assess population with or without Diagnosis to investigate members of your population that may require intervention and close gaps in care. 

  • Provides in-depth look at trends over time with optimal ranges, and includes all orders placed by your ordering providers and additional orders found using our Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) to provide a substantial historical look-back.

  • All diagnosis codes associated with patient for comprehensive assessment of historical and existing conditions.

  • User friendly and intuitive navigation allowing end user to create patient compliance custom reports by filtering data in multiple ways to manage and close gaps in care for patient population.

COVID-19 Public Health Solutions: 

  • Highlights risk for severe CV19 outcomes

  • Descriptive statistics including positivity rates

  • Order and test result trends 

  • Alert target lists for effective patient outreach

  • Population Heat Maps

  • Patient demographics

COVID-19 Employer Solutions:

  • Supports Employer Groups with Return to Work strategies

  • Employee, Member or Patient CV19 Diagnostic and Antibody results status

  • Customizable patient results reporting 

  • Demographics

  • Additional data elements for population categories:
    • Facility
    • Department
    • Role

Diabetes, Prediabetes and CKD Insights:

  • Risk assessment for developing diabetes and/or CKD based on relevant result values

  • Patient Alerts Hub for Chronic Conditions Management
    • AIM Alerts, pre-set/default
    • Custom Alerts set by end user
  • Insight into patient demographics and payer data

  • Provider benchmarking and performance

STI and Women’s Health Analytics:

  • Pap and HPV compliance reporting

  • ACOG and CDC recommended guidelines

  • Insights into HPV mRNA and genome data

  • Patient historical results and demographics

  • Detailed view of specific STI Testing:
    • Hep C
    • HIV
    • Syphilis
    • CTNG

We are passionate about helping our partners reach their Population Health goals and improve patient outcomes.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your Care Management or Quality Projects and invite you to reach out to the team,